We can list all of the great aspects of working at Barcodes, Inc., but the best way to really learn what life is like here is through our employees.

I’ve been given so many opportunities and have grown through my tenure at Barcodes. When I began here I was new to the industry and sales, but the resources, training and team mentality got me up to speed quickly. I’ve now progressed from a junior AM up to an Executive AM and am working with some of the biggest accounts and deals in the company. It’s a great place for those who are determined and willing to work to achieve their goals!

Conrad, Executive Account Manager

Barcodes is the best company I’ve ever worked for in my career. It’s a fun environment with managers that will help work with your schedule should something come up. I never feel like a disposable employee; I always feel that I’m needed and making an impact.

Thembi, Customer Service Associate

There are a lot of perks – fun breakroom, a great benefits package, vendors are always in and out of the office with product updates and swag, and collaborative coworkers. But more than that, I like working at Barcodes because we offer products that customers actually need, and I can offer advice and build full solutions for my accounts. It’s satisfying knowing that my advice is appreciated – it’s not uncommon to have customers reach out and thank me!

David, Account Manager

The culture here is great. I’ve worked at Barcodes for almost 6 years, was given the opportunity to move from Customer Service to Sales, and have liked each team and department that I’ve been surrounded by – it definitely makes it easier to come in to work! I get to be independent in my role, but the managers are always there to push me and help me motivate myself.